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August 2008 - Markov's Prison

After years of being captive in Markov’s prison you have decided it is time to escape.  A sketch of the prison is shown above.  The path to freedom begins when you enter room #1 and exit the prison through room #16.  Unfortunately there are two very vigilant guards who are on duty and have been walking through the rooms for years.  If you and a guard are in the same room at the same time you will be caught and sentenced to life in prison.  Fortunately, over time, you have observed that the guards’ movements are dictated by the following probabilities:

Guard #1:
20% of the time he moves North
40% of the time he moves South
20% of the time he moves West
20% of the time he moves East
Guard #2:
40% of the time she moves North
10% of the time she moves South
20% of the time she moves West
30% of the time she moves East

Every second that passes, you and the guards each move to a new room.  If the probability instructs a guard to move into a wall, the guard will simply stand still for that iteration.  The guards, like you, cannot move diagonally.

( Also available in Word format PuzzlOR_August08_Escape v6.doc )

1.) Entering at room #1 and exiting the prison at room #16, what route will give you the best chance of escape?
2.) What is the probability that you will be caught?
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